Bedroom Air Conditioning Installation

Summer sale for room air condtioning installation is now on. Price starting from £1250.

  • Bedroom air conditioning
  • Lounge air conditioning
  • 5 Year warranty

Good Night's Sleep

Hot Summer Nights

Summer nights can be hot and discomfort to sleep, bedroom air conditioning installation can be the solution, whether you are too hot, or just need a quick blast of heat before bedtime. A best home air conditioner that is whisper quiet and causes no distraction whatsoever to your sleep, not to mention the health benefits, like breathing in clean healthy air, free of mould and allergens. For the bedroom air conditioning installation, we have the answer. We install air conditioning systems in the bedroom, all over London and the south-east of England from Brighton to Battersea, Maidenhead to Maidstone. We offer a free site survey to make sure you get exactly what you need. All of our engineers are all fully F-gas qualified, experienced, and treat your property with the utmost care and attention.

Bedroom Air Conditioning

Too Hot To Sleep?

“Temperature has a big impact on the quality of sleep. Ideally, bedrooms should be around 16-18C but, if at night time, temperatures remain higher, “Your body temperature needs to drop slightly before you go to sleep which is why it’s difficult to drop off to sleep when you are too hot.” There’s a strong association between insomnia and elevated core body temperature. environmentally friendly and cost-effective. with up to 400% more energy efficient than standard heating systems. This means you can reducing fuel costs in the winter and have a comfortable home environment in the summer, whilst reducing your bills. We are the number one home air conditioning installation company in London. free site survey, next-day installation, 5-star customer review, best price in the south-east of England.


Finding it hard to sleep?

Find relief with bedroom aircon. Take advantage of our summer offer, and have perfect night sleep all year round. Next day installation.

Best Aircon Unit For Bedroom

Wall Mounted Unit
The most common units used in residential properties are High wall mounted air conditioners. The main advantages are that wall units are always the cheapest option; they are also easy to fit in rooms without the need for building works or redecoration. The low wall mounted units are also a good option, it is a bit more costly than the high wall unit but it’s much easier on the eyes. All the domestic air conditioning units we install are exceptionally quiet and extremely efficient, costing as little as 35p a day to run.

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